Applied Voices LLC

HT Professional Recorder Product Discontinuation



Dear users of the HT Recorder iOS app,


Today, we learned that Apple has made some unexpected technical and policy changes to the iOS platform beginning in iOS 17 that are not compatible with HT Professional Recorder.

Consequently, we have removed HT Professional Recorder from the app store.


HT Recorder was one of the first apps for the iPhone, initially created in 2009 for the iPhone 1.  The app has been supported for 14 years through many hardware and software changes.  


We recommend that users of HT Recorder use the SHARE feature to save their recordings to a non-iOS web service, such as Dropbox, so that they can be accessed after HT Recorder is no longer available on the iOS platform. For users who already have HT Recorder installed, the app should continue to operate normally on the operating system versions for which it was designed, prior to Apple's iOS 17 changes. 


We very much appreciate your business during these past 14 years and wish you the best.



Applied Voices LLC